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Automatic Car Wash Equipment by AUTEC

AUTEC is the Preferred Manufacturer of High Volume Automatic Car Wash Equipment


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AUTEC manufactures automatic car wash equipment in the United States. Whether you are an auto dealership, gas station, lube center, investor, or someone else, AUTEC is a leading manufacturer of car wash equipment. At AUTEC, we specialize in four different products: soft touch car wash systems, touch free car wash systems, combination car wash systems, and soft touch car polishers. All of our car wash systems are 100% automatic. This means that each system can be operated entirely by the customer at all hours of the day.

Our soft touch automatic car wash systems provide an unprecedented wash quality. We utilize only soft cloth and polyflex materials which allow for safe and complete cleaning. The unique hydraulic operation allows for an exceptionally gentle surface massage of the vehicle that leaves it looking brand new.

Our touch free automatic car wash systems are built entirely with our signature AUTECnology. These car wash systems are designed to accommodate vehicles up to 90” tall and 120” wide. Our touch free car wash systems produce incredibly clean cars with minimal waste. Each touch free system provides a fast, economical and spot-on procedure. Add-ons are available to additionally customize each touch free car wash system that we manufacture.

Our combination car wash systems are the perfect system for washing thousands of vehicles within a monthly span. At AUTEC, each combination car wash system also has available add-ons that help to retain customers and drive overall profit.

The key benefit of AUTEC Car Wash Systems is our extraordinary throughput (increases revenue with increased volume) and the flawless cleaning performance on all vehicles.

Our AUTEC ShineExpress Automatic Polisher is in use by the finest auto dealerships and detail centers worldwide. With NO scratching, streaking, or swirls, every vehicle’s finish is covered totally and massaged to a fantastic shine. And unlike normal labor, this machine never gets tired!

At AUTEC, we believe in building high quality car wash systems so that people can love the way their cars look. A vehicle is one of the biggest purchases that a person makes in their life, so it is imperative that it’s well taken care of. From routine maintenance to routine washes, it’s important to make sure the car is in good hands. That’s why AUTEC car wash systems exist – to provide people with an exceptional car wash experience that they can depend on time after time.


AUTEC’s team of car wash experts will:  evaluate your property; study the demographics in a five-mile radius; teach you how to conduct a fifteen-minute traffic count; show you the proven cleaning performance and ideal throughput of the AUTEC business model; provide you the optimum building and site specifications for the most effective street presence and ease-of-use; and introduce you to an AUTEC service partner for a smooth, trouble-free installation and maximum up-time moving forward.

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