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". . . YOUR BEST FOOT WILL ALWAYS BE FORWARD." Author: Maryrose Wood

Published on 7/15/2016

Author, Maryrose Wood wrote, "If both of your shoes are shined, then your best foot will always be forward."

And in a February 21, 2016 article in The Wall Street Journal, Ray A. Smith wrote "Dress better, work better?  A number of recent studies suggest that dressing up for work in a suit or blazer could do wonders for an employee’s productivity, whether going into a negotiation, making a sales call or even participating in a video-conference with business associates."  

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So we've heard for years and obviously from these current sources that you can tell much about a person by looking at their shoes.  We contend that looking at the wheels and tires of someone's automobile sends a similar message.

Dingy shoes, dingy tires . . . bad impression.

When a car’s tires and wheels are clean, it does more than just enhance its looks. It also protects the tires from weathering and cracking and removes corrosion and protects the wheel’s finish from the elements.  Car care professionals say that keeping wheels and tires clean is an important part of vehicle maintenance. They recommend that car owners clean their wheels at least every other time they wash the car, or every two weeks.

AUTEC’s Chemical Tire Application coupled with our High Pressure Tire & Wheel Blaster provide just what your customers need to keep their tires and wheels looking great and to provide them the tools to help prolong the life of their investment.  Once clean, you can also offer your customers the opportunity to apply tire dressing with AUTEC’s Super Tire Shine.

AUTEC's Tire Shine feature is a fully automated tire dressing applicator designed for any AUTEC Car Wash System .  Tire Shine features AUTEC's exclusive all-stainless-steel construction along with spring loaded swing arms to prevent damage to and from wayward vehicles.

Between the two of us, we can ensure that your customer always has his best foot forward.  Click on the logo below to see our TireShine brochure.  

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