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Published on 1/29/2016

From North Carolina to New Jersey, once the snow stops falling and the sun comes out, better have a path cleared to your car wash because "here come the customers."  

Winter is often a boom time for car wash operators as vehicles are assaulted with road salt or slag and colder temperatures discourage driveway and self-serve washers. Many operators report the first three months of the year as their biggest quarter. From WashTrends, “First, it’s important to know that the busiest and most profitable time for the car wash industry is during the winter. Thirty-two percent of the annual earnings are realized during the cold weather months while spring and summer seasons each account for 25% of yearly revenue and fall income dips to 18%.”

But with the increased business comes additional challenges. With winter being the peak earning season for the car wash business, downtime during the cold season must be avoided at all costs. Preventative maintenance and a proactive approach to equipment upkeep are critical to maximize uptime during the winter rush. Making sure that all equipment is up to standard and properly serviced cannot be over emphasized.

And not only is equipment upkeep important, don’t neglect the other aspects of dealing with the winter weather. For example, do you have plans for snow removal and de-icing? It would be disastrous on the first sunny day after a big snow to see your customers drive by because they can’t get past the mound of snow in your drive or your automatic doors are frozen shut! Plan now so when the time comes you have an action plan to deal with any problems that threaten to impact your bottom line.

So with one of the first big snows of 2016 behind us, be proactive with equipment maintenance, develop appropriate contingency plans, and settle in for the winter rush.

Contributor - Mark Hopkins, AUTEC's Director of Manufacturing

  • Image 1-AUTEC InBayExpress, Statesville, NC
  • Image 2-Rennie's AutoSpa, Berlin, NJ

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