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Published on 9/11/2015


Carey Grieb and son, Kenton Grieb, are owner/operators of Glass House Car Wash.  Carey explains "one of the main reasons that we decided to do an AUTEC InBay Express AGAIN was our experiences with OUR customers over the past 10 years since the installation of our first AUTEC.  We have customers who drive 10 plus miles and who will wait in line for 45 minutes for our wash.  When we ask them why, they say 'your car wash gets our car clean.  It's that simple.'  

The second reason we chose AUTEC is the professionalism of the whole AUTEC team, from the answering of the phone all the way through the whole organization.  They are a very professional group and you can tell they are there for the customer and that means a lot to us.  The customer service and technical support are very professional.  They bend over backwards to help us.  It's important to know that AUTEC is just a phone call away, ready to help us and give us the answers we need in our day-to-day operation. 

I've been doing business for 50 plus years,  AUTEC is leading the list of businesses that are top shelf, top quality type businesses.  We like doing business with people like that who are professional and can take care of our needs," Grieb concluded.

History:  Back in 2004, Carey Grieb contacted AUTEC about a car wash in Merriam, KS on some property that he owned next to his carpet cleaning business.   At that time, the popular business model was an automatic with several self service bays.  AUTEC supplied the EV-1 automatic for the site.   Staying in touch with Carey, AUTEC’s business model evolved to the AUTEC InBayExpress, operating 24/7 without labor or attendants and Carey and Kenton were attracted to the concept.  Fast forward to 2015, and an all new site in Independence, MO with a double AUTEC InBayExpress in AUTEC’s new hip roof design glass structure.   The building is up, the trucks just left AUTEC on Sunday, August 23rd, with the installation now nearly complete.

Stay tuned for the Grand Opening of Glass House Carwash #2!!!!

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