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Published on 9/13/2016

Turner Brock, a real estate broker and Coldwell Banker franchisee for over 20 years, recently opened his third AUTEC Car Wash. Turner and his brother, Mack, also are general contractors, developers and managers of multiple rental properties, so their fingers are on the pulse of the business climate in southern Georgia and southern Alabama.

Turner and Mack have also been in the carwash business for close to 25 years. Cairo, Georgia was their first AUTEC installation where they took out an aging touch free wash and installed an AES-425, AUTEC’s friction workhorse. “We did an identical retrofit in Dothan, AL, at a self-serve site with a touch free automatic with similar results. Tom Hobby, AUTEC’s president, tried to convince me to tear down the touch free and self-serve at the Dothan site and build a new, free-standing site from the ground up,” Turner commented. “Our latest AUTEC installation is a new free-standing express wash without self-serve.

Now with the success of this site, FINISH LINE EXPRESS in Bainbridge, GA, I’ve concluded that Tom was right. The new, stand-alone site is doing at least 100% more business than the AUTEC remodels (self-serve and soft touch revenue combined). The AUTEC equipment models are identical for all three locations; however, the street presence of the new site is magnetic.  The building is open, airy, well-lit and inviting.  

The cleaning performance and throughput are far superior to any touch free units in the market and our operating costs are less.

I came to AUTEC via my next-door neighbor who had been in an accident and during his recovery, he researched the automatic car wash business.  He shared with me the information he discovered about AUTEC as well as other manufacturers. I felt like AUTEC was a perfect match for me.  The quality and capability of the equipment and the knowledgeability and professionalism of the staff made it easy for me to determine that AUTEC was something I wanted to be a part of.

I’m planning another remodel site in Dothan and I can assure you, it will be a tear down/start over location.

The AUTEC equipment is very reliable.  We handle basic service and preventative maintenance ourselves.  We can always contact our AUTEC-certified distributor or AUTEC’s technical support line if something more complicated pops up.

The car wash community, as a whole, needed an uplift in our area,” Turner continued. “There are three or four wand wash locations, one c-store with a friction wash, and two touch free washes in addition to ours.  The newest wash was close to ten years old, so there was definitely a need for some positive changes. Words from my customers are: ‘there was a great need’, ‘the site is so well-lit’, ‘the wash does a really good job’.

I have had ZERO complaints about pricing. We are totally pleased with the average ticket  price per wash and with the reception we have  received from our community.” 

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