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Published on 1/8/2016

We would never say that we have not lost a wiper in washing around 250,000 vehicles since we opened our InBay Express here at the factory.  But if we lost more than one per quarter, we would be surprised.  We would suspect more than that would be from the driver activating the wipers during the wash cycle.

If the machine is set up properly and the proper amount of soap or car wash detergent is applied, the mitter does not tend to grab wipers unless they are operating.  If you are experiencing wiper issues, we would suggest that your car wash concentrate does not have a sufficient amount of lubrication or the valve metering that solution into the wash water is not open or is clogged.  More than a cleaner in a friction wash, soap is the lubricant that eliminates damages.  Normally the foam wash media (typically on the arms) is more aggressive, damage-wise, than the cloth mitter which tends to be less aggressive.

If you want assistance with soap configurations on your AUTEC wash, please use our CONTACT US form at this link and note your request in the comments.  Our staff will be happy to assist you.

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