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Published on 11/20/2015

This is the third of a multi-part series to answer some common questions for the investor who has decided he/she wants to own a car wash.

Part 3:  Choose a brand that performs.

You have to have a car wash system that cleans your customers' cars and keeps them coming back.

AUTEC, Inc. is a 35 year old manufacturer of automatic car washing systems.

All of our equipment is manufactured from stainless steel and we are known as the most durable and long lasting equipment in the world.  

The EVOLUTION (EV-1) is AUTEC's top-of-the-line retail machine, ideal for washing thousands of vehicles each month with flawless cleaning performance.  The EV-1 offers your choice of Soft Touch only, High Pressure only, or a combination of both.  Aside from cleaning cars, EV-1 features those "gotta-have-more" options, stoking your repeat business and your profit.  Triple Foam Bath is definitely the favorite with multi-color foaming soaps infused with delightful fragrances.  It's like a party on the windshield.  

Bug Buster, Undercarriage Wash, and Spot Free Rinse are just of few of the additional options that add value to the wash packages available.

The history of which wash is purchased most often at our on-site wash indicates that:

75% of the time, customers choose one of the top two combination soft touch and touch free washes which feature the MOST add-on options.  Take a look at the sample menu below so you can see the options most frequently chosen:

25% of the time, customers choose only the soft touch wash or only the high pressure wash with fewer options.

Point Being:  Customers are willing to pay a higher price for exceptional wash performance.

Click here to fill out our online CONTACT US form to let us show you how the performance of an AUTEC EV-1 and these statistics can impact the revenue at your location.  We can make some powerful projections specific to the location you have in mind.

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