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Published on 9/22/2015

Having been in the chemical and detailing business successfully for over two decades in Guam, Frank Russo saw the need for a high quality, reliable automated car wash system for many of his current customers on this small island in the Pacific.

The current systems were very unreliable and had no local representation to maintain and service the existing machines that were there. The construction and reliability of existing equipment was not something he was willing to take on. It needed to be the best if he was to undertake this project. He decided the best place to see what was available was to travel half-way around the world and attend the 2015 International Car Wash Show in Las Vegas, NV in April.

After seeing everything that was available, visiting with every supplier and vendor, he decided AUTEC was the logical choice . . . for a number of reasons.

He had to have a machine that was all stainless steel, due to Guam’s harsh coastal environment.

The equipment also had to be versatile.

It had to be simple and cost effective enough for his existing auto dealer base of customers, but sophisticated enough to handle the retail side of car washing as well.

Upon returning to Guam, he immediately made arrangements to make the long journey to AUTEC for training on the equipment and the car wash business in general. The trip has certainly paid off. Upon returning to Guam, he visited potential sites, took measurements, obtained water samples, and AUTEC prepared potential site plans for him.

With the help of AUTEC, he has already received orders for two machines; one for an auto dealer and one at a retail convenience store. Due to water and sewer costs on the island, both sites will utilize above ground reclaim systems, which will pay for themselves in less than one year! Each site will have state-of-the-art AUTEC equipment, with spot free rinse as well. He has already been contacted by the largest auto dealer on the island wanting his services. Word of mouth travels fast on a small island when you are good at what you do.

Frank has certainly proven that in his short time in the business.

He already has plans to introduce AUTEC to the Philippines once he gets his existing customers in Guam operational.  AUTEC will be there to support him every step of the way.

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