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Published on 8/21/2015

AUTEC is excited to announce a fresh, new look at  The updated site provides visitors with a current, visually-pleasing, user-friendly experience that will give them the information necessary to move forward in the car wash industry.  The mobile-friendly site focuses on investors, auto dealers, lube centers, and convenience stores.  Visitors can see all of AUTEC’s equipment and how that equipment has worked successfully for others and how it can work for them.  They can submit a “Contact Us” form that guides them through questions that will assist the AUTEC sales team in establishing the next steps to another happy car wash owner.

Companies or individuals interested in becoming an AUTEC Distributor can read about distributor requirements and actually submit a “Distributor Application” online.

Existing distributors still gain access to the AUTEC Extranet using an easy-to-find link at the top of the web page.  Buying Parts and Accessories is a link at the top of the page also.

“Having a mobile-friendly website became critical on April 21, 2015, not just because consumers are on their smartphones more than ever before, but because Google started penalizing sites if they’re not easy to navigate using those small screens.  Google changed its search algorithm to favor mobile-friendly websites and expanded its use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal.  So having a mobile-friendly site was crucial and we were a due for a facelift,” noted Tom Hobby, AUTEC’s president. 

AUTEC spent several weeks and several thousand dollars on the upgrade.  The in-house marketing team worked with a company based in Hickory, North Carolina called Clarity Web Solutions.  The experts at Clarity ensured that AUTEC stayed within the boundaries of the Google requirements and provided the team with the tools to design and publish most of the content themselves.  Clarity provided the architecture and functionality for great visitor and administrator experiences.   

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