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Investors bought Spray N Shine Car Wash in Dallas, Oregon in January of 2018.  At that time, it had an AUTEC AES-425 Soft Touch Car Wash alongside five self-service bays.  The original machine which was installed in 2012 has washed 135,000 vehicles and has a captive and loyal customer base.  Many customers would wait in line, but many would bail out of the car wash line or see the line from the street and keep on moving.  Customers suggested that the new owners add a second automatic to one of the self-service bays.  Spray N Shine took that request to heart and put a second AUTEC Soft Touch System right beside the first one.  Customers seem to be comfortable with either machine and take the shortest line like being in the drive through at McDonalds, commented one of the co-owners.  Due to the success and customer satisfaction of the original, Spray N Shine thought that a second one would make a great addition to meet the needs of the growing customer base.  With both machines operating, Spray N Shine can wash a car every two and a half minutes, keeping customer waiting to a minimum.  Even though the older AUTEC is seven years old, it still runs in top-performing fashion.

Check out this dirty Chevrolet HD2500, crew cab, with long wheel base.  The customer was AMAZED at the wash quality the AUTEC provided.  That's a return customer for sure.

To ensure that the back of vehicles are properly cleaned, the rear jog functions simulates a little do-si-do action with each arm taking a turn at the center of vehicle.

This beastly Toyota Tundra with big tires and a lift kit fills up the wash, but the AUTEC performs flawlessly on big trucks and little smart cars as well.  The brushes wrap around the profile of each vehicle individually.  


Owners report that prior to the addition of the new wash, the typical number of vehicles washed at their location was in the 130's to 140's.  Since the new wash, new numbers are in the 220's to 240's.  The conclusion is that they were losing about 100 vehicles per day in good weather.

Congrats Spray N Shine!

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Published on 1/24/2019

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Friday January 25, 2019 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

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Sunday January 27, 2019 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM 

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AUTEC manufactures three primary car wash systems for auto dealers: soft touch, touch free, and a combination system that provides both. AUTEC also manufactures a soft touch polisher.



Published on 12/21/2018
Snow effect done in HTML 5

AUTEC is closed Monday, December 10, 2018 due to inclement weather.

Even the professionals are having trouble navigating these road conditions.

Remember, snow today, busy car wash tomorrow!

Be safe!


Published on 11/21/2018

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!

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