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WHY AUTEC Car Wash Systems?

AUTEC's Soft Touch Car Wash Systems feature stainless steel construction for years of trouble-free, wet-environment operation; soft cloth or polyflex for safe, thorough cleaning; gentle hydraulic operation for a gentle vehicle surface massage; and self-diagnostic, software driven controls and monitoring systems that emails or texts faults to the service provider or owner.

AUTEC's Touch Free Car Wash Systems feature stainless steel frame; panel covers and heavy duty I-beam track; fast and user-friendly throughput . . . accommodates vehicles up to 90" tall and 122" wide; programmable drive wheel speed; and water-based hydraulic operation.  Electric eyes establish each vehicle's profile for fast, economical operation; and self-diagnostic software monitors car wash functions.

Our systems are cost effective, compact, efficient and easy to maintain.  Our systems are highly profitable with multiple wash packages that include numerous profit-boosting options.  We formulate and mix our own chemicals and car care products.  We provide marketing support to ensure your car wash business is as successful as it can be.  We offer operator training courses several times annually.