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AUTEC AES-425 Soft Touch Car Wash


Tough | Reliable | Profitable.  Great in Service and Retail Applications.

AES-425 Retail Soft Touch Car Wash System.  Designed for retail locations.  Equally suitable for auto dealers who want to offer car washes to the general public.

AUTEC's AES-425 washes thousands of automobiles every day in auto dealer, auto service, professional car wash and c-store locations across the country.  Enhances customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

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Click or tap here for a typical bay layout.  Yours may be different:  AES-425 Bay Layout.pdf

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Programmable Features for AUTEC Car Washes

= Standard.   = Optional.
EV-1 425 260 220 ATF-1
One Programmable PreWash Function (Example: High Pressure Tire Blaster)
Up to Three Additional Programmable PreWash Functions
Undercarriage Wash
Chemical Tire Applicator
Bug Buster
Treadle Buzzer (Noise When Car is in Correct Place for Wash to Begin)
Onboard PreSoak (on a PreWash pass)
Onboard Heated PreSoak (on a PreWash pass)
Second Onboard Heated Presoak (on a PreWash pass)
Clearcoat Protectant
Triple Foam Application
Rockerpanel Blaster
Grill Blaster
Front Arm Retract
Tag Safe / Front Jog
Rear Jog
High Pressure - Touch Free Wash
Onboard Rinse
Drive Out Rinse
Spot Free Rinse
Programmable Rinse Additive (Example: Drying Agent)
Post Wash Chemical Arch
One Blower Set
Second Blower Set
First User Defined Programmable Option
Second User Defined Programmable Option
Third User Defined Programmable Option
Fourth User Defined Programmable Option
Door Control for Bay Doors
Window/Wall Wash Down