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AUTEC AES-100 "Shine Express" Soft Touch Polisher


Totally automated, the Shine Express Polisher applies a lustrous finish to vehicles in auto dealer and auto detailing locations.  No scratching, streaking or swirling.  Imron coated carbon steel frame. 4 arms and overhead roller. 2 Speedaire applicator guns w/ 25 feet of 1/4 inch flex coil and 4 cases of polish. Greaseless bearings. Standard with Black Cloth. 

Your service department will sparkle in your customers’ eyes. But they’ll never have to know how easy it is to polish a car with the AUTEC AES-100. The hard work under the hood may go unnoticed; but, an AUTEC shine is unmistakable and impossible to ignore. It’s safe with no scratching, streaking or swirling. Talk about polishing “your” image.

Double front and rear side arms ensure that every area of a vehicle's surface is gently massaged to a beautiful shine.  Our horizontal top buffer details all flat surfaces as it lifts easily over the tops of cars, vans and trucks.  It gently follows the contours of all vehicles without troublesome electric sensors.  Thousands of polishing strips provide safe polishing without scratching, streaking or swirling.  Years of research and testing have determined the best sizes, lengths, cuts, cores and hardware to ensure unprecedented polishing performance.

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Click or tap here for a typical bay layout.  Yours may be different:  AES-100 Polisher Bay Layout.pdf