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This type of growth is unprecedented.  The AUTEC IBE is an investment worth looking into.  Let us guide you through the process.


Eye-Catching Curb Appeal

Outstanding Cleaning Performance

One-Pass Soft Touch
& High Pressure

One Car Out, Another One In

Happy Customers Wait in Line,
Line Moves Fast


AUTEC's InBay Express Car Wash business model is tried and true . . . right here at our headquarters.  We've actually outperformed our own demographics.  Statesville, North Carolina is a town of 25,000 residents AND there are 19 competitive car washes.  Statistics would suggest that there are not enough people and that there are too many car washes for our site to be successful.

How does the AUTEC IBE work against those statistics?

Open all the time.

Super, eye-catching curb appeal.

Washes 25 to 30 vehicles per hour.

Typically, a car wash is NOT a destination.  Car washes perform best when they are centrally located near common consumer destinations like grocery stores, super-centers, shopping malls, restaurants, pharmacies, and gas stations.  The AUTEC IBE is on a secondary street in an industrial part of town.  It has BECOME THE DESTINATION!



InBay Express performance at AUTEC:  AUTEC IBE 2010-2016 Performance.pdf

Bay Layout featuring a "small lot" with an EV-1:  Small Lot IBE.pdf

Bay Layout featuring two EV-1 machines:  Two EV-1s IBE Layout.pdf