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Why should I choose AUTEC over competitive car wash systems?
AUTEC provides unprecedented wash quality; profitable; trouble-free operation; and all stainless steel construction providing long-term durability.  

Will the car wash facility I have in mind fit on my property?
Once you select AUTEC as your car wash system provider, we will be happy to provide a site analysis and site-specific drawings for the best use of your space. 

How do I decide to buy soft touch, touch free, or your combination?

There are a couple of perceptions to consider so that your final decision will ensure a strong customer base for your car wash.  But allow us to pose a question back at you . . . why not offer both?

Perception 1: A Touch Free wash has fewer damage claims.

Perception 2: A Friction wash gets cars cleaner.” 

The combination of friction and high pressure provides superior cleaning. As an operator, you can charge higher prices for the option-rich packages available with a combination system. Let’s say for example 15 to 25 percent of your customers purchase the touch free option. This percentage is business that you very likely would not have if you did not offer the touch free option. In some cases, that 15 to 25 percent will cover your equipment payments. 

Who will install my car wash?
AUTEC has a national network of distributors/service partners who will install your equipment and service it.  Your general contractor will handle all permitting and site preparation (Ex.:  paving, concrete, electrical, plumbing, water, sewer, gas, permitting, stamped drawings, fees, water, and etc.)  AUTEC does the rest.

Who provides maintenance once my car wash is installed?
AUTEC corporate service technicians or a team of factory-trained service personnel from your local distributor’s office will provide service for your equipment based on a customized maintenance program or you may desire to attend our factory training at your convenience.

What if something minor needs to be done between maintenance visits?
AUTEC or our distributor will answer service calls within 24 hours. We have a technical service team available for telephone consultation during regular business hours and an emergency service technician available for after-hours emergencies. 

I’m a c-store operator, how will my car wash effect my gasoline and in-store sales?
Statistics show as much as a 16% increase in gasoline sales and as much as 10% increase in in-store sales. 

There's a c-store next to my property. Can I team up with them for cross marketing benefits?
That’s entirely up to the c-store operator but from a functionality standpoint, Yes! We have many car wash operators who pay the c-store a commission to offer and sell the car wash at the gas island via pay at the pump. 

Will my car wash accept credit cards?
Yes. AUTEC has entry systems that accept cash, coins, credit cards, VIP wash cards and token notes and others. 

Will I have to stay on-site or hire someone for my car wash operation?
No. Every AUTEC system is fully automatic.  We do have a "Daily Inspection Check List," for operators and we recommend a customized regular maintenance program for your location, which would be provided by AUTEC’s local, factory-trained distributor. For ease of operation, you may consider cameras and remote paging systems. For the most part, sit back and collect your money. 

Does AUTEC have financing available?
AUTEC works with several leasing companies that specialize in car wash equipment financing as well as SBA lending specialists.  We'll be happy to provide you with their contact information.

How long will it take to install my car wash?
Once your site is prepared and your equipment is delivered, we can typically have your car wash up and running in 7-10 days. 

Can you explain the ROI I can expect with my car wash?
Your ROI is directly related to the number of cars washed and the average price point.  AUTEC can provide a demographic study of your proposed location to see if the ideal statistics are there to support your car wash business.  We can also provide you with a proforma that is specific to your site and the recommended equipment you are considering.