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AUTEC CAR WASH DESIGN | Continuous Improvement, Flawless Processes


AUTEC's goal is to continuously improve our equipment to maintain flawless processes which provide our customers with everything necessary to be profitable in the car wash business. New components and procedures are continuously tested for possible integration into the manufacture of our equipment.

Our Design, Research & Development staff includes design, electronic, and mechanical engineers and a team of draftsmen. Our lead engineering staff has over 70 years of combined experience in designing, installing, and maintaining car wash systems, as well as machine design and process development.

AUTEC Customizes Specific Options For Customers. Many times AUTEC R & D is called upon to customize specific options for a customer's unique application or requirements.

AUTEC's Peripheral Services A peripheral service of our Design & Development department is the provision of wash bay layouts and the supporting architectural drawings. However, these drawings are not engineer stamped with approval for the specific location, but are for guide and reference purposes only. AUTEC provides tangible support to customers both before, during, and after installation. AUTEC also utilizes the engineering support of various vendors in areas such as hydraulic and electrical systems design. Building drawings are stamped and sealed.