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AUTEC has an established reputation as one of the leading suppliers of glass enclosures for the car wash industry. AUTEC has a network of competent distributors nationwide to help you create your own success story regardless of the weather conditions you may face. We provide quality, highly-finished, long-lasting structures that can comply with any building code and that which exceed all customer expectations.

Our standard designs have glass from the bumper to the ground so there are no lower panels or moldings unless otherwise specified. The new AUTEC Model 222 designs feature a more stylish and architecturally pleasing hip roof design as well as a stepped bumper/fascia to allow custom graphics, signage and/or neon highlights. 









  • Creates safe, open feeling
  • Increases nighttime sales
  • Erected in days... not months
  • Pre-fab moveable structure creates tax advantages
  • Custom signage and graphics


  • Turn-key delivery and installation of buildings and equipment
  • Stamped and sealed engineering drawings
  • Site plans
  • Custom color packages

AUTEC's exclusive pre-engineered car wash structures have great curb appeal...thus bringing more customers onto your site by grabbing their attention. The attractive stylized concepts provide high visibility by being able to see inside and out and promotes an open, airy feeling. 

AUTEC's glass car wash enclosures will provide unlimited benefits for both you and your customers to enjoy year round along with producing more car wash revenue from the customers it attracts. Additionally, AUTEC's car wash systems have proven higher average revenues per car than traditional washes.Spectacular graphics, lighting and the outstanding curb appeal will draw customers to your car wash... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!