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First of all, who is a typical car wash equipment investor? For us, they come from all walks of life:

  • Real Estate Broker
  • Property Manager
  • Physician
  • State Senator
  • Dairy Farmer
  • Dentist
  • Attorney
  • Corporate Executive
  • Self-Storage Operator

From an investor's point of view, washing cars is a stable, growing industry and a smart choice for a successful venture. Experience for yourself the undeniable customer satisfaction and the incredible profit and return on investment unique to AUTEC's automatic car wash and polishing systems. Keep in mind, car washes are profitable and promote customer satisfaction only when providing safe, exceptional cleaning performance.

AUTEC meets these standards with the lowest operating costs and the highest volume throughput in the in-bay automatic market. The success of the unattended, stand-alone, in-bay automatic is unprecedented. Car wash systems are becoming more and more automated in terms of on-board computers and dial-in access. Plus, with the ability to offer a high quality wash that is every bit as good as a full service tunnel, the installation of an in-bay automatic or even the development of a small group or chain of automatics is irresistible.

AUTEC manufactures three primary car wash systems for investors:  the soft touch car wash, touch free (touchless) car wash, and a combination car wash system that provides both.  AUTEC also manufactures a soft touch polisher.