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Stephen and Jana Dalby take car wash operators "to school" with their unique-theme car wash in Coalville, Utah.

"We built the first architecturally-designed car wash in the USA, patterned after an 1800's schoolhouse," advised Mr. Dalby. The name of the wash is Old Rock Car Wash because in 1868, Brigham Young dedicated an old schoolhouse on that very lot and called it, 'The Old Rock Schoolhouse'.
The bell from the belfry is located on the lot and is a historic landmark in the state of Utah.

We are pleased to become part of the rich history of Coalville, Utah and to build the first schoolhouse car wash in the country! The Old Rock Car Wash is designed to promote the rich historical value of the original school," he continued.

He concluded "our experience with AUTEC has been just about perfect. They are just as committed on the support side as they are on the sales side and we couldn't be happier. I would fully recommend them to anyone!"


Published on 9/17/2018

As Florence moves away and the skies clear at 2500 West Front Street in Statesville, North Carolina; we are happy to report that we had no flooding or wind damage at our location. Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to those who encountered much worse experiences with Florence.

Ginger and Scott Bryant are the owners of Brite and Shiny Car Wash locations in Bastrop, Lockhart, and most recently, Buda, Texas, shown here with their children.

The Buda location, below, is a state-of-the art AUTEC InBay Express facility featuring the EV-1 Soft Touch and Touch Free and Combination car wash system.  Bastrop and Lockhart locations have the EV-1 system as well.

The AUTEC InBay Express business model (EV-1 in a 65' glass structure) allows for quick throughput, cleaning performance that is second to none, and ultimately, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Ginger and Scott are working on acquiring their fourth site for another successful AUTEC InBay Express.

Click here for a pdf file about Brite and Shiny.

Vehicles move quickly through the 65' express bay.

Triple foam soaps, clearcoat protectants, high pressure spray and soft touch brushes provide excellent customer satisfaction.  Rear brush configurations ensure the back glasses of SUV's like this are super clean.

From tall to small, Brite & Shiny cleans them all.


Published on 8/24/2018

We are excited to celebrate our 37th birthday here at AUTEC!  New operators:  place your equipment order* by September 30th, 2018 and get $3700.00 off your final price.

Click here to read more about our history and longevity.


*An order placed = Deposit, signed contract, required ship date by December 31, 2018.

At this state-of-the-art AUTEC InBay Express in Denton, Texas, Tiffiny and Joshua Boschee wash cars 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no employees and no attendants!

Congratulations to them on a record month for July at Clean & Green!

No surprise here!  That's what happens when you combine great owners and great equipment!

Tiffiny and Joshua Boschee . . . OUTSTANDING!

can do the same for you!

Report from:  ICS AutoSentry Flex - Stand Alone Pay Station with Mobile WashConnect reporting.

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