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Investors & Professional Car Wash Operators Market
From an investor's point of view, washing cars is a stable, growing industry and a smart choice for a successful venture. Experience for yourself the undeniable customer satisfaction and the incredible profit and return on investment unique to AUTEC's automatic car wash and polishing systems.

Keep in mind, car washes are profitable and promote customer satisfaction only when providing safe, exceptional cleaning performance. AUTEC meets these standards with the lowest operating costs and the highest volume throughput in the in-bay automatic market.

The success of the unattended, stand-alone, in-bay automatic is unprecedented. Car wash systems are becoming more and more automated in terms of on-board computers and dial-in access. Plus, with the ability to offer a high quality wash that is every bit as good as a full service tunnel, the installation of an in-bay automatic or even the development of a small group or chain of automatics is irresistible.

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But Don't Take Our Word For It,
Here's What Our Customers Are Saying!

Bay Wash: Belleville, IL
One Location

"Based on our car counts, customers choose the AUTEC 75% of the time over our touch-free wash unit."

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Diamond Shine: LaVale, MD
Two Locations

"Vehicles wait in line for the AUTEC Soft Cloth."

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Jack Flash Car Wash: Mt. Pleasant, SC
One Location

"With credit card purchases at 60% and with 40% of our customers buying our best wash, we're runnin at maximum profit, minimal administration - just the way I like it."

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Pro Wash of Lincolnton: Lincolnton, NC
One Location

"You simply can't beat your dollars' return with AUTEC's low operating cost. I just hate that we didn't team up with AUTEC five years sooner."

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Monsoon Car Wash: Walkertown, NC
AUTEC's Fully Automated Car Wsh Systems

"Featuring AUTEC's state-of-the-art, fully-automated equipment, the two-bay carwash features both a soft-touch and touch-free unit to meet individual preferences and needs."

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Lakeshore Car Wash: Ontario, Canada
AUTEC Soft Touch

"John Athan, owner of LAKESHORE CAR WASH in southwestern Ontario, has the distinction of building Canada's first dual in-bay car wash and revolutionizing part of the car wash industry."

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Rennie's Auto Spa: Berline, New Jersy
Two AUTEC EV-1 Evolution Car Wash Systems

"RENNIE'S AUTO SPA provides Berlin, New Jersey motorists one-of-a-kind professional and comprehensive car wash services. The "hi-tech" car wash facility features two AUTEC EV-1 Evolution car wash systems that offer four different wash packages."

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AutoWash Xpress: Tennessee
AUTEC Car Wash Systems

"AutoWash Xpress, located in the scenic Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, is home to TWO AUTEC Car Wash Systems working side by side...both washing the best looking vehicles in the Smokies! Dual Wheels, Jeeps, VW's, Vans, SUV's, autos, convertibles, Hummers, Escalades, big long tall crewcabs and 4x4 trucks...we try and fit everyone in!

AutoWash Xpress' two heated bays contain AUTEC's Soft Touch system and Touch Free system... cleaning Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville vehicles 24-hours a day...7 days a week!

Owner Frank Whitaker chose the AUTEC systems because of their unprecedented wash quality, trouble-free operation, and long-term efficiency and durability. He stated that AutoWash Xpress should be called TRUCK WASH ULTIMATE due to the high volume of trucks, dualies, and crewcabs that run through the systems daily.

The "All-Touch-Free" experience offering heated tri-foam bath really gets the vehicles clean!"

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Island Car Wash: Louisiana
Soft Touch, Touch Free & Combo of Both

"Port Vincent, located on the banks of the Amite River in lower Livingston Parish, is home to one of the most unique and innovative car wash facilities in Louisiana. ISLAND CAR WASH by Bozeman Distributors adds a tropical allure to its river front location with its distinctive tourquoise colored housing which features the state-of-the-art AUTEC EV-1car wash system. This thorough cleaning system washes a documented 30-plus vehicles per hour with the Ultimate wash cleaning in an impressive 1.5 minutes.

Owners Willie Matherne and Blaine Smiley chose the impressive AUTEC Evolution system because of its durable stainless steel construction along with its countless profit-making capabilities including multiple levels of friction, high pressure or an awesome combination of both washes. Added menu options such as Triple Foam and Bug Buster are sure to rid vehicles of those massive Louisiana river bugs and the vehicle protectant product will keep them off until the next wash.

Stop by and be charmed by ISLAND CAR WASH's tropical stylings and be rewarded with the ultimate
in clean car experiences...a clean that only ISLAND CAR WASH and AUTEC can provide!"

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Little Dukes: North Dakota
AUTEC Soft Touch & Touch Free

"Little Duke's relies on AUTEC to provide their discerning customers with clean cars and fast convenient service. A division of Coborns, Inc., an 86-year-old chain of grocery stores in the upper Midwest, they currently have 34 convenience stores along with multiple Coborn's grocery stores and superstores.

With Little Duke's newest car wash facility in Fargo, North Dakota, AUTEC's top-of-the-line car wash systems were the only choice. In fact, AUTEC's combination friction/soft touch systems performed so well in the other Little Duke's locations that TWO EV-1 systems were installed in the new Fargo facility.

Two high-quality premier car wash systems working side-by-side in Fargo, ND providing Little Duke's customers with the cleanest cars imaginable showcasing an awesome shine and sparkle.'s true...Little Duke's and AUTEC does it twice as good in Fargo!"

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Maryville Shell: Washington
Soft Touch

"When it came time to replace or upgrade their existing 60' tunnel equipment, Jim & Patti Hart took the easy way out...and it sure paid off! Located in Marysville, Washington, they wanted the ability to process as many cars as possible per day with no labor and reasonable replacement costs.

After analyzing different manufacturers, service providers and systems, the logical choice was the AUTEC INBAY EXPRESS concept, installed and serviced by ANC Vehicle Wash Systems. The recipe was simple. Remove conveyor, fill in "trench drain" with concrete. Remove existing
equipment. Replace with AUTEC INBAY AUTOMATIC (with remote functions for high volumes).

One week later...RE-OPEN!

This new installation features AUTEC's new 'Rear Super Clean' option as well as spot free rinse, wash water reclaim, a revenue-enhancing vehicle protectant product and an entry pay station featuring cash, code, or credit.

Marysville Shell has eliminated the wash employees and is experiencing healthy double-digit volume increases over their previous labor intensive wash. See for yourself how to eliminate labor and increase wash volumes for a fraction of expected replacement costs by calling AUTEC."

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Mrs. Bubbles Inbay Express: Lincolnton, North Carolina
AUTEC Car Wash System

"Mrs. Bubbles Car Wash, located in Lincolnton, NC, is the first of three sites that owners Mike and Megan Shalvoy are building featuring AUTEC's state-of-the-art car wash systems.

This premier site is set up as an Inbay Expess car wash with the latest in car wash technology which includes a 65 - AUTEC Glass Structure, an AUTEC EV-1 (which offers a soft touch or touch free or the combination of both technologies), a 45hp blower, a portal entry system and an automatic tire shiner. This combination has proven itself so well that sites two and three will have the same list of equipment.

In spite of less than perfect demographics and a difficult ingress and egress, Mike and Megan both feel the success of this site is due to to the strong curb appeal and the effectiveness of the wash. According to Mike, "Our customers couldn't be happier and we couldn't be more pleased with our decision to use AUTEC as our car wash partner. We look forward to getting our other sites running as soon as possible." Construction has already begun on the second site in Mooresville, NC."

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Wild Bill's Car Wash: Louisiana
Soft Touch, Touch Free & Combo of Both

"Tangipahoa Parish now lays claim to housing the most modern, state-of-the-art car wash facility in Roseland, Louisiana... offering the'WILDEST' clean in the entire state! WILD BILL'S CAR WASH by Bozeman Distributors features the eye-catching AUTEC design glass structure and showcases AUTEC's EV-1 Evolution car wash system.This impressive system washes a documented 30-plus cars per hour.

WILD BILL'S CAR WASH owner Billy Easley chose AUTEC above the competition because of their reputation for reliable high-quality systems offering boundless profit-making possibilities.He further believed that AUTEC would provide him with everything necessary to be successful in the car wash business. That has certainly proven to be true as he continues to wash impressive numbers of Roseland vehicles daily... offering Louisiana motorists the cleanest clean that WILD BILL'S CAR WASH and AUTEC can offer!

Stop by today and see for yourself what the 'WILDEST' clean in Louisiana looks like. You'll be glad that you did!"

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Camden Car Wash: Delaware

"Delaware is fortunate to have two highly regarded commercial car wash locations both featuring the state-of-the-art AUTEC car wash systems. If that isn't enough to double your 'clean car' offerings... both locations feature TWO AUTEC systems working side-by-side providing Delaware customers the ultimate in vehicle cleaning.

That's TWO TIMES your 'clean car' opportunities at both locations! Camden Car Wash in Camden and Clearview Car Wash in Cheswold, DE both offer two AUTEC EV-1 Evolution car wash systems providing soft touch, touch free, and an awesome combination of both. Geary Rice and son Mathew, owners of the two locations, chose AUTEC because of their reputation for producing high-quality, low-overhead equipment providing countless profit-making opportunities.

Stop by each of these car wash locations to experience the most thorough clean that Delaware... and AUTEC can offer!"

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Glass House Car Wash: Alabama

"Small town charm is probably the best way to describe Russellville, Alabama. All around the area, beauty abounds. Tree lined streets, beautiful homes and clear skies add to the appeal. With the addition of GLASS HOUSE Car Wash, a new dimension to cleaning vehicles is introduced... adding to the high quality of life residents of Russellville have come to appreciate.

This new state-of-the-art glass car wash by Advanced Car Wash Systems features the AUTEC design glass structure. This site launched the first of the new generation of AUTEC's car wash buildings showcasing the exciting new hip-roof design. GLASS HOUSE features AUTEC's EV-1 Evolution car wash system which washes a documented 30-plus cars per hour. The Ultimate wash cleans in an impressive 1.5 minutes! Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... GLASS HOUSE Car Wash is providing Russellville motorists one-of-a-kind professional and comprehensive car wash services."

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Tony Macri: Indiana

"When Tony Macri in Indiana planned his fifth AUTEC car wash, he realized he needed to be able to compete with an express tunnel opening nearby. He chose not only to do side-by-side machines but also to increase his building length to increase throughput.

By utilizing the INBAY EXPRESS concept, he has not only been able to compete, but surpass all revenue expectations! When the express tunnel opened, they gave away free car washes for two weeks. Tony was able to average over 125 cars per day (paid washes) during this time frame. When the free promotion ended, his car average was over 225 cars per day.

The AUTEC INBAY EXPRESS has consistently washed over 4,500 cars per month even when the express tunnel was offering discount washes. Customers choose and prefer the rollover system, ease of operation, and above all...CLEAN CARS!

Contact AUTEC today to learn how to maximize car wash profits for a fraction of the cost of a conveyorized car wash system."

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